Q+A with: Montana Lower, founder of BLUEM.

1. What were the first steps you too took to bring BLUEM to life? 

The first and most important step I believe was being sure of my “why”. The next was being clear with my intentions. After that, the universe opened itself up to me and brought me everything I needed to make it happen. Of course it was and continues to be extremely hard work, but I’ve done things that weren’t right before and this feels completely different. 

2. Where did the name Bluem come from?

Blue (the name of my little girl) and M for Montana! I also toyed with the idea of calling Blue, Bloom for some time. And it seemed only right to refer to the healing skin journey as blooming.   

3. Advice for anyone experiencing adult acne in their late 20's? 

I always look to the body and it’s symptoms as signs of where I need to take better care of myself and ask it what it is trying to tell me. My first step would be to Look up what the parts of the face i am breaking out on and what part of my life it may be linked to.
Then start working with these areas directly. 
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image via curology.com
Most of the time when your skin is purging it can be linked to lifestyle, hydration & hormone imbalance. If we are not nurturing ourselves in this way, it’s only natural for our skin to react. Unfortunately the state of food health and environment also plays a huge part in this in ways it’s hard for us to control. The body tries to speak to us in the only way it knows we will listen.
 M Bluem
Simplifying your skincare routine has made an incredible impact on so many people as a lot of the time we are overwhelming our skin with excess chemicals.
This is why alternating the Finger Lime and Kakadu plum serums have been so effective as it’s simple yet potent.

4. How do you balance being a mum, entrepreneur, activist and role model?

I literally have no idea. I think the thing that has helped me most is letting go of this idea of “balance”. The reality is it’s incredibly messy and unpredictable.I can’t plan my babies good / bad days or attention span.. so allowing myself to soften into presence with her and just be grateful for what I can do, hiring a team to help me, and constant over communication with my partner about time juggling is helping a lot. 
5. What's your favourite guilty pleasure/treat? 
I’ve pretty much watched every Sundance film festival movie.