Q+A With: Imogen Caldwell X Otis Sunglasses

Imogen Caldwell Valentine sunglasses

1. What is the most surprising thing about motherhood no one told you about? 

I was a confident person before, but I probably wouldn't have gotten my boobs out in public. Having a kid takes away all modesty, when the boy is hungry - he wants it immediately wherever, whenever. 

 imogen baby WA

2. Favourite way to unwind?

These days, it's usually laying somewhere shady with my little man helping him drift off to sleep. We spend most days in the sun, in the ocean and being right in the middle of summer it's nice to escape the heat sometimes. 


3. What was the inspiration behind the new additions to the Otis x Imogen collection? 

I wanted these frames to be able to be worn by anyone of any age, gender and at any time! Dress up or down, they're super versatile, which is what I like most about them. 


4. Looking back on the world today what advice would you give your younger self? 

imogen caldwell x otis sunglasses

5. What is your go-to favourite Otis x Imogen style? 

My fave frame from the collection would have to be the Poppy, I wear it most days at the moment and am continuously getting compliments for them.. pretty cool to be able to say "oh these? I designed them!" ha ha. 

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